Assunta de Rossi Ledesma at her yellow terno!

The wife of Negros Occidental Rep. Jules Ledesma revealed that she got her canary yellow terno accented with artificial flowers from her designer Oskar Peralta.

It may seem that all those in attendance at this year's SONA paid a huge price for their outfits. Assunta de Rossi-Ledesma, however, believes that one doesn't need to spend a lot for something that will only be worn once. Definitely yes, we need also consider when it comes to the amount of what wear we are going to suit because as I watch the “Unang Hirit” last two weeks ago they post and propose the latest designs, amount of their designs that what celebrity usually wear in this type of historical event (Terno and Barong tagalong).

       According to well-known local designer Oskar Peralta a terno is usually priced at P20,000 to P35,000 each,. Depending on the designer and the materials used, the amount can go as high as P50,000.

        The same goes for the Barong Tagalog (embroidered men's upper garment, usually made of pineapple leaf fibers). Peralta said each costs about P12,000.

            How can you spend money for just only one day event? Be practical enough and be glamorous with your natural beauty.  Am I right? Hmmm…

Filipiniana Dresses

              Different Countries around the world have their different National Costumes. And here in the Philippines we have our very own Baro’t Saya and Barong Tagalog which are traditional dresses but has been a part of the Philippine fashion since then just recently different designs of the Filipiniana Costumes had been unveiled because of Pinoy’s (President Benigno “Noy Noy” Aquino III) first state of the nation Address (SONA). Government personalities from the President down to the Congressmen and their spouses attended the SONA wearing different Filipiniana inspired outfit from the finest fashion designers in the Philippines would you believe that even these classic traditional and colorful dresses can be innovated and modernized by our very own designers? Well, I could say, that is when fashion is all about. Indeed, Filipiniana dresses will forever be a Philippine classic.

How Filipina wears their suits now a day

With all the changes happening all around and having observed how the culture evolved for the past two decades, I can’t help but ask the question. How do you define such a woman now a day?

We have to admit that we come from a society filled with rules. Most of us grew up with strict and conservative parents, surrounded by meddling extended families (who often think that their opinions should be taken into serious consideration). Our actions measured and, oftentimes, directed by traditions and filial responsibilities. And, yes, women often suffer the worst end of the stick underestimated, undervalued, and type casted...

I grew up with voices telling me, plunging necklines, mid-rifts, short skirts and shorts, strapless/tubes, backless and bra-less outfits, t-shirts and shorts should be worn over bikinis or swimsuits; having your photo taken in any manner that connotes something sexual is considered indecent; you should be timid and submissive and yes, this last one’s a classic you should be thinking about marriage and family by the age of 25 PLUS say goodbye to having a career as soon as you do.

I can hear folks crying different sorts of things in outrage. Some will agree and others won’t but let me reiterate, this is based from my own personal experience and, yes, side notes are personal opinions as well.


If we are going to talk about Classic Philippine Fashion, there is only one persona that I
have in my mind that is none other than out very fashionable former first Lady Imelda Marcos
“Imeldific” is the term to describe a person with a fabulously classical fashion statement and do you know that this word or term was made because of Madame Imelda Marcos; Imeldific
means fabulous, exquisite, unique and exclusive. And that is the former first Lady Imelda
Marcos. From head to foot, she is but a persona of classic fashionista. In fact most of us knew
that she has her very own collection of shoes and dresses and she has a lot more than we could ever expect. Filipiniana dresses are her favorite Imelda Marcos has the most classical and most expensive Filipiniana dresses and shoes of time. And that is of course  off the record. Imelda Marcos, a persona of Philippine Classical Fashionista… Imeldific isn’t is? Indeed she is.

Jinkee Pacquiao at SONA 2010

           In the previous first State of the Nation Address (SONA) held on July 26, 2010 at the Batasang Pambansa in Quezon City of our newly elected President Benigno "Noynoy" Aquino III.
           We witness the different Philippines - Politicians and celebrities were at their absolute best suit to be part of the historic event. One of the popular personalities attends to that said event is the wife of boxing champ and Sarangani Rep. Manny Pacquiao.

           Jinkee Pacquiao, for one, stood out in a pink terno loaded with crystals and beads, which was designed by Pepsi Herrera. She was looking so fabulous wearing that terno gown. 

            Look so well, it looks like she's wearing a Persona bracelet too. I love the high shoulders. 

Lucy Torres

      Lucy Torres-Gomez was look glamorous for her choice of outfit in this year's SONA a celebrity mom-turned-congresswoman in the 4th district of Leyte. The fashion designer Randy Ortiz create a Blue terno gown with embellishments that will brought out the natural beauty of newly elected congresswoman which is also the wife of the  famous matinee idol of his generation Richard Gomez.

      I scope in the news that she state that "You have to be dressed appropriately out of respect for the occasion. It's part of history. You don't want to be captured as part of history looking shabby," she said.

That’s right you should wear your best suit according to the event for you to be suitable for that occasion. 

Filipino Modern Suit

Vice President Elect Jejomar Binay stands proudly at 5'2",
a modest height compared to the average man. Even though he seems confident with this stature, there are many ways to annoy the eye and make our future vice president stand even taller. Ronaldo Arnaldo a renowned fashion designer suggests to Binay that everything he wears must be made to measure. A sartorial fit will make him look instantly tall. Loose, ready-to-wear clothing emphasizes his flaws.

           The first outfit Arnaldo designed is a linen safari jacket intended for everyday wear. The pockets are placed strategically to create an illusion that elongates the body, making Binay look tall. He purposely made the top long and emphasized that it should not be tucked in, like what Binay usually does with his shirts. Tucking in cuts his body and makes him even shorter.

A classic Barong Tagalog with the right fabric made of sinuksok piƱa silk that has almost invisible vertical lines will also add length. Same with the two-button suit, the fine pin stripes can make Binay visually long.